Saturday, 17 November 2007


The pointless and cruel vilification of one of society's unfortunates could easily be dismissed as a bit of a laugh. Part of the normal, ritual humiliation reserved within our entertainment complexes for the underclass.
However, the hardened conspiracist will always look for a deeper explanation to everyday events like these.
Bringing the full glare of conspirolight™ banishes the shadows from this murky affair. It is nothing less than a struggle within the human power elite over the lumpen's utopian technological destiny.
What sheriff Colin Miller did when sentencing this pioneer, was a naked attempt to thwart the man machine society our most attention seeking scientists have predicted for the last century.
Practically everyday, we are promised exciting new developments. Take this edition of the popular science programme, Horizon:

Meet the scientific prophets who claim we are on the verge of creating a new type of human - a human v2.0.

It's predicted that by 2029 computer intelligence will equal the power of the human brain. Some believe this will revolutionise humanity - we will be able to download our minds to computers extending our lives indefinitely. Others fear this will lead to oblivion by giving rise to destructive ultra intelligent machines.

One thing they all agree on is that the coming of this moment - and whatever it brings - is inevitable.

The key words 'revolutionise humanity' are among the most feared by the elite. As ancient guardians of our interests, they well know the folly of such talk. However, when faced with inevitability, harsh decisions have to be made. On one hand, we have the idealistic and apolitical science faction, on the other, a reactionary grouping who dread the upheaval our technological evolution will bring.

A typical sheriff has old fashioned views about sex
and fears oblivion by destructive ultra intelligent machines

A typical scientist is always open to new ideas and thinks
we will download our minds onto computers

This very 'weblog' alerted both of our readers to the coming age of robot love . We had no idea a member of the public would take these matters into his own hands. His subsequent punishment revealed the dark forces organising against our mechanoid liberation.
Who will triumph in this desperate futurkampf? Only a fully qualified scientist could dare make that prediction......


lwtc247 said...

Michio Kaku is very annoying. I suggest he takes his supersring and make a loop. Then ask him what is left in the middle, to which (one would hope) the answer would be offered...."A great big gaping hole?"

paul said...

He might have done a lot for the superstring business in his time, but his futurological enthusiasms are very much that of yesterday's television, tomorrow's world.
In this century, we are going to make the historic transition from the 'Age of Discovery' to the 'Age of Mastery', a period in which we will move from being passive observers of nature to its active choreographers.
Wow! As he wanders around the glass and steel elysium of MIT, the fact that our future might well be looking down the barrel of a scientifically refined gun does not seem to occur to him at all.
Reminds me of a previous asian american know it all, francis fukuyama for whom science is a:
regulator or mechanism to explain the directionality and coherence of history
So, great public thinkers, are we mastering science or science mastering us?

Maybe Goethe was right

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods,
Daughter of Elysium,
Touched with fire, to the portal, Of thy radiant shrine we come.

Your sweet magic frees all others, Held in Custom's rigid rings.
All men on earth become brothers, In the haven of your wings.

Anonymous said...

he could a 50ft lizard in disguise who during the interval, goes back stage to drink human blood to retain his shape, as in each seat of the auditorim he presents in, there lies an ultra thin hyperdermic needle, so fine that the sitter feels no pain as it is inserted into their body and secretly conduits blood (blonds and redheads are the faves btw) into a pyramidal chalice with an eye emblem encrusted upon it.