Sunday, 18 November 2007

The Chalk Marks of Truth

Good Will Hutton has once again forsaken his mop, crimped tinfoil around his pate and started scribbling on the guardian briefing room blackboard!
Strong words:

Unless Alistair Darling acts, the financial sharks will make a killing while taxpayers lose billions!

During the last week, the amazing amoral asymmetry of the way the government has approached this affair - the taxpayer picks up the bill while the bankers and shareholders are in the driving seat in the service of making private fortunes - has been progressively unmasked!!
and intriguing questions:
Or has the Treasury accepted that it will have to foot part of the bill for Northern Rock's zombie legacy???
Writing furiously, he then dares to resurrect an idea from the dark ages we were so forcibly ejected from:

Which, as any schoolchild with a gcse in economics, history or religious education knows, is but one step from the communist gulag. Indeed, more sober heads spell out the real priorities:
A source in the City says: 'There is a lot riding on a successful sale of Northern Rock - the reputation of the government, and London's standing as an international financial centre.'
Good Will's nemesis, therefore, is none other than the brooding, mysterious First Lord of the Treasury. Witness his previous thoughts on a similar matter:
"Mr Brown warned yesterday in his keynote conference speech that re-nationalisation would cost £22 billion.If we had £22 billion to spend it will not be for an expensive re-nationalisation. We will put investment into schools and hospitals first,"
or deadbeat financial institutions, he murmured beneath his laboured breath....


The Antagonist said...

'There is a lot riding on a successful sale of Northern Rock'....

Without a doubt there is much riding on this. Finance-Capitalist vultures -- often cunningly hidden behind the mask of innocuously named 'businessmen' are, as usual, rubbing their hands with fervent glee. £23 billion and counting, a license to print AND steal money. A fact which, should they dare to acknowledge it, will thrill the working class massses to bits and inspire them to get out of bed even earlier each day, to work for longer each day, to happily hand over more of the harder-earned lower-value incomes than ever before and to ignore that their pensions won't be worth a toss when they're old enough to lay embittered claim to them.

Yay for democracy by name alone! Hurray for the financial rape and pillage of the new dark ages! Only marginally less brutal than ever before.

'- the reputation of the government,'....

Which, like the reputation of all governments, is entirely unsalvagable in this world order of the new, old shit.

'and London's standing as an international financial centre.'

Which it has carefully manufactured for itself through the imposition of least amount of regulation and oversight known to international financial centres the world over. Which just happened by accident and nobody knows quite how, or who isn't responsible for it.

The Antagonist said...


Shame on me, I only spotted that second time around.

paul said...

£23 billion and counting That number again............