Thursday, 15 November 2007

Alliance Logo of the month - November

As Rolf Harris used to say:

Can you guess what it is yet?


Stef said...

oooh Christmassy...

go said...

It's an America's Cup bid yacht showing the secret ram keel drawn from a classical Levantine source, illustrating what it really takes to win, and just who has it.

jon doy said...

i have no idea whose logo it is, but i hope they're busy printing it on thongs in time for consumermas

The Antagonist said...

David's Red, White and Blue Christmassy thing that sits atop Capitalistmas trees in some parts of the world.

Possibly on yachts.

paul said...

Come on lads,
There are 10 stars, 6 bars and a reversed number 7, giving the magic number of 23!!!
Can it be more obvious??

jon doy said...

oh that ! i thought it was that but i also didn't want to be laughed at for stating the obvious

what does that mean ?

paul said...

23 - it would be easier to say what it doesn't mean

2 + 3 =5 : points on pentagram

23: no of chromosome pairs in what's left of the original human race

23 12 2012 = endtime

23 volumes of zohar, the sacred text of kaballah

Every month has a 23 in it

Everyone over the age of 24 has been 23

I could easily go on...........

paul said...

george herbert walker bush: 23 letters!!
11/9/2001: adds up to 23!!!

The Antagonist said...

The 47 storey building, World Trade Center 7 housed Mayor of New York Rudi Giuliani's 'emergency bunker', cleverly placed -- unlike any other bunker known to man, or martian, on the 23rd floor.

Showing amazing foresight on the day of 11/9 Mayor Giuliani fucked off somewhere other than his specially designed command and control centre and so didn't perish in the third controlled demolition to occur that day.

23 out of 23 to Mr Giuliani for his criminal foresight (spin down to the post titled, "The SEARCHERS 2.0 rough cut is complete.")

paul said...

those articles cox mocks were the reason for me cancelling my counterpunch subscription

The Antagonist said...

Quite right too! As comrade numeral wisely observed of the left, "The very thing that defeats them is denied by them."

BTW, I really fucked up. I should have said Rudy Giuliani™™.

paul said...

zero 7 zero 7 2 zero zero five :23 letters!
zero seven zero seven zero 5 :23 letters!!
the eleventh of march 2004 :23 letters!!!

Numerology is the fucking bomb