Monday, 24 October 2011

Death cults are bound to attract strange people

After being filmed saying 'wow' on hearing of Gaddafi's death, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joked with a TV news reporter

In the unedited footage, Clinton then announced hunger, extended her lower jaw and polished off a small furry animal an assistant had provided.


StefZ said...

I posted a link to that video on one of the internet forums I've been cognitively infiltrating

and whilst the cockles of my heart have been warmed by how well some budding loons there have come along lately, I can't help noticing that some other people appear to be cogenitally incapable of seing a demented old crone getting her rocks off from the news of a killing even when you position moving images of such in front of their eyes

David Icke's Lizard-directed Moon-based mind control ray may hold the answers

gyg3s said...

I remember reading comments by someone about the Jeff Gannon affair.

The comments were along the lines of ... if a prostitute stays over at your house for a couple of nights; everyone will conclude that you've been using the services of said prostitute. If the prostitute is male, the same conclusion will be drawn. Yet, when Gannon stayed over at the Whitehouse, getting people to come to this conclusion was like trying to push two like poles of a magnet together.

The explanation, IMHO, predates Icke, and is found in the writings of Étienne de La Boétie: it's an example of voluntary servitude.