Thursday, 21 July 2011

A Depraved Work Environment

Will produce depraved results.

Creatures mimicking humans created,approved and published this.

What the literally tens of Times online's subscribers will not learn is that:

While "external" climatic variables play a role in triggering off a famine and heightening the social impact of drought, famines in the age of globalization are man-made.

They are not the consequence of a scarcity of food but of a structure of global oversupply which undermines food security and destroys national food agriculture.

Tightly regulated and controlled by international agri-business, this oversupply is ultimately conducive to the stagnation of both production and consumption of essential food staples and the impoverishment of farmers throughout the world.

Moreover, in the era of globalization, the IMF-World Bank structural adjustment program bears a direct relationship to the process of famine formation because it systematically undermines all categories of economic activity, whether urban or rural, which do not directly serve the interests of the global market system.
Or this:
The Ogaden is populated by ethnic Somalis who have been fighting their own guerilla war against the Ethiopian dictatorship, whom they charge with using food as a weapon of war.

Of the 10 million people at risk of starvation, a huge portion live – or are now dying – in the Ogaden. As the dependable
Thomas C. Mountain reports from nearby Eritrea, the Ethiopian government has blocked the International Red Cross and other aid agencies from carrying out relief work in the region.

The Obama administration, which now gives the Ethiopian dictatorship more money than any regime in Africa, could force the doors to the Ogaden open with one phone call.

But it won't, because Ethiopia and the U.S. are on the same mission, and there is nothing humanitarian about it.


Stef said...

Fuck me that's low

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The Antagonist said...

Jenny Edkins writes well on this sort of thing, with such 'inflammatory' publications such as: ‘Famines’ or ‘mass starvations’: victims, beneficiaries and perpetrators.

An article, which concludes, among other things that:

"Any definition of famine which sees it as a failure of some sort is missing the point. Whether famine is seen as a failure of food supply, a breakdown in the food distribution system, or a multi-faceted livelihoods crisis, the outcome is the same. These definitions or concepts blind us to the fact that famines, and the deaths, migrations or impoverishments that they produce, are enormously beneficial to the perpetrators: they are a success not a failure, a normal output of the current economic and political system, not an aberration."

Of course, re-labelling 'famines' as 'mass starvations' that are perpetuated by 'perpetrators' at the helm of the violently dominant socio-economic and socio-political systems places the insightful Edkins firmly into the 'conspiracy theorist' category.