Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Charlie says....

The latest damp squib to rock the conspirasphere brought this to mind:

Remember kids, don't trust the system!

However, my research on the internet also brought forth this forgotten gem by The Original Concept:

Which forced me to search for this companion piece:

And, fuck it, how could I leave out this:

which, in turn demands the freeform chef d'ouevre:

and, of course:

And appropriately enough for the original subject:

To think, this trip down memory lane started with that megaphone bothering, toff, cunt.

Hard to believe.

Truly, out of the shit came forth sweetness.

Good thoughts are where you find them, brothers and sisters.


Stef said...

and not forgetting...

Charlie the Unicorn

Tufty the Squirrel said...

Any resemblance to this Veitch character is purely coincidental.

Speccy Can't said...

That's what comes of an open-door wildlife policy, allowing the British aristocracy to breed with South American squirrel varieties.

Sometimes I just lie naked on a flag and weep.

Anonymous said...

Survival of the fittest, mate.
The lazy red squirrel thought it had it all on a plate due to socialised forestry management.
Its sadly not the great britain my norman ancestors would recognise.