Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Some important people settle down to watch the execution of 4 men and one woman.

bonus question:
who is the guy in the corner of the table and what's in it for him.....


gyg3s said...

Just did a quick twitter search under the hashtag of hyperreality to find that someone had tweeted,

"megkoval Megan Koval

Currently fascinated with semiotically deconstructing the significance of reality in a war story #hyperreality"

Hopefully she'll publish her analysis.

gyg3s said...

Lies and nonsense ... http://mindhacks.com/2011/05/04/why-the-truth-will-out-but-doesnt-sink-in/

paul said...

The execution of someone who made 5 or maybe 6 rather confused video recordings over the last 10 years does nothing for my sense of freedom and justice.
The grusome Libyan destruction conspiracy almost destroys it.

Stef said...

A snuff movie with no money shot?

I'd be asking for my money back

All three or four trillion of it

gyg3s said...

Vaughan tells us about total information warfare.

Some Sunnsteiny behaviour from the US military.