Friday, 27 May 2011

The Morning After a Couple of Nights before

Earlier this year, legendary Anti-Zionist and keeper of that Rosetta Stone of Conspiraloon websites 'I am the Witness', Daryl Bradford Smith visited Switzerland on a silver and (vodka &) orange purchasing expedition

Naturally enough Daryl popped round to visit his close Swiss-based Anti-Zionist chum 'Ognir'

Let's see what happened...

Caution - The last 30 seconds of this video contain some minor profanity


Diceman said...

[Bleep] the [bleep]in' [bleep]er

Anonymous said...

Ognir is no saint either.
He's the same kind of "its the JOOOS" moron that fucks up any forum dealing with plutocratic evil.Perfect example of what Stef has blogged about recently.

Stef said...

well quite

which, of course, makes this video all the more funnier

a while back I started knocking up an organisation chart that recorded the history of alliances, subsequent fallings out and accusations and counter-accusations of being a Jewish shill amongst the leading lights of the 'it's the JOOOS' community

Bradford Smith, Bollyn, Hufschmidt, Kaminski, Piper, Weber, Makow, Duke, Glenn and all the others

As it wasn't a labour of love and it started to get quite complicated early on I gave up after a few minutes

A deliberate exercise in distraction all this madness may be but as I don't watch television it's the nearest thing I've got to the X-Factor

Investigator said...

This is the reason why in Islam we don't drink.

paul said...

To be fair to Ognir I haven't seen any direct proof that they weren't behind the potato famine.
It's a sad state of affairs when you can't even trust a violent,deranged alcoholic like mr smith.