Saturday, 22 January 2011

Not long to wait now - Yay!!


gyges said...

... and those pictures reduced to words can be found in, Beyond the promised land, by David F Noble.

stefz said... well as one of the opening scenes of Commando

stefz said...

I am liking the look of Mr Noble's book

fish said...

caveat emptor and all that

essential talks (docs) for cultural change: David Noble 'Beyond the Promised Land'

fish said...

David Franklin Noble (July 22, 1945 - December 27, 2010)

David Noble, academic and activist, dies at 65

Sinclair said...

I remember seeing these Jehova Witness' books through my parents letterbox when I was about 14-15 or so. I remember how one cover had a smiley family stroking a tiger (or some other such non-domesticated animal - it could have been the moose in the picture).

That threw it for me, I was never gonna join them after that.