Tuesday, 14 December 2010

There was a suggestion you were rolling towards the police in your wheelchair

"Were you throwing anything at the police?"

Complaints here
Benjamin Brown should be sacked for concentrating the interview on making a victim of both police violence and cerebral palsy justify his innocence.

Benjamin spent the whole interview positing possible reasons, none of which had any basis in record, why the police might have been justified in dragging a man out of a wheelchair and across a road.

Please tell Benjamin, there aren`t any.

Asking someone who has explained he does not have the full use of his arms whether he had thrown anything at the police is the most craven, crassest moment of tv I have ever seen.
Ben Brown, what a fucking wanker.

Update: Jody attempts to bring real politics to the State Broadcasting Corporation

"I hope, just as I was unseated from my wheelchair, I hope that every member of this government is unseated" - Jody McIntyre, Hero of the People


The Antagonist said...

Benjamin Brown, BBC Newsreader, plumbing the depths journalistic cuntishness.

Definitely a candidate for Media Wanker of the Year.

Mind you, it's a very fucking long list.

The Antagonist said...

Jody McIntyre is amazing and deserves everyone's support, even if he does appear a little naive.

There's really no excuse for expecting the BBC not to attempt to do a hatchet job on someone just because they're in a wheelchair, just because they have cerebral palsy, and just because they have largely lost the use of their arms.

The Antagonist said...

"The philosopher Hannah Arendt famously argued that the atrocities of the Holocaust were not caused by psychopaths but by ordinary people placed under extraordinary pressure to conform. Since then we have learned that the pressure need not be extraordinary at all."

You are a conformist (that is, you are human) | Psychology Today

It could even be pressure as inextraordinary as a virtually stationary wheelchair with an unthreatening disabled person in it.

Still, it's good to see Her Maj's finest doing their utmost to dispel the 'myth' that they're a bunch of overzealous, tooled-up thugs who will rough up anyone for the fun of it.

The Met - London's largest, most highly armed street gang - Working together for a safer London.


paul said...

There's really no excuse for expecting the BBC not to attempt to do a hatchet job on someone just because they're in a wheelchair....

Just treating them the same scrupulous equality as everyone else (without economic,political or military power).

The Antagonist said...

You've gotta hand it to Jody....

"Just as they unseated me from my wheelchair, we will unseat every member of the government." - Interview on BBC1

Plenty more good stuff in the interview, despite the best efforts of the hosts.

paul said...

Jody did well
Bill and Sian are fucking cunts.

Stef said...

The gloves would appear to be well and truly off at the State Broadcasting Company

I'm not sure what disturbs me most. The disgraceful treatment of an individual or the fact that the Powers that Be clearly expect so much shit just around the corner they're not even pretending any more

Bridget said...

Mark Steel: A clear case of attack by wheelchair - Mark Steel, Commentators - The Independent

Presumably the police turned to each other in shock, spluttering: "Oh my God, he's rolling straight for us. These riot shields and helmets with visors offer woefully inadequate protection against such a persistent rolling machine. If we're lucky our batons can buy us some time, but his momentum is terrifying, it's like a cerebral palsy tsunami."

Bradley-Sherman Armoured Personnel Wheelchair said...

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'