Saturday, 16 January 2010

Have you seen this man?

The full weight of the conspiraloon scientific laboratories have joined with the west's top security agencies to help track down the world's most wanted home video producer:
(Note that fearless frank 'nobody pushes me around' gardner of the bibicee has suggested that he may be making full and deadly use of a detachable beard to disguise his current state.)

This, frankly bizarre, strategy to avoid detection may explain why our brave leaders are sending so many civilians and soldiers to hunt him down in the next world.

If it is any help, here is a drawing of his his house:

While less mobile than the saudi pimpernel, this has still to be located. Top analysts suspect he may have craftily changed the interior fittings and swapped the door number.


British Chinless Wonder said...

Yes, yes I have .. here. Do I get a reward? It appears that the State Department's Rewards for Justice website host has fallen over. con-spiral-oon

Ol' Frank Gardner said...

Ol' Frank Gardner
That ol' Frank Gardner
He must know something
He don't say nothing
He just keeps rolling along

...amazing footage

The Antagonist said...

That's a picture of that Spanish politician, Gaspar bin Llamazares, who has his second home in a cave in Tora Bora. He's currently in the news after details of his second home allowance and travel expenses were revealed.