Sunday, 2 August 2009

Watching Over Us

While having little knowledge of the esoteric, it's hard to escape the overwhelming creepiness of our United Kingdom Supreme Court.
Even I can discern a big friendly owl's head top right and the eye of providence at its heart. Though it may be the camera angle...

....but probably not.
The Court symbol is built around Omega, finality, the end.

But the end of what?

Does the ascendancy of the english rose over the wilting leek and thistle mean anything? Or are they just bound to each other forever? Certainly some see the court as a challenge to Scots law, even in its debased post Dunblane and Lockerbie form.

I fully understand the need for a supreme court. The United States have one and therefore so should we. (Though it does have heavily caveated written constitution as a perspective frame). However, as a creature of the serially useless Lord Falconer, a certain doubt over the true purpose and implications should be entertained.

I eagerly await the excellent attentions of the Vigilant Citizen on the formal aspects of this fascinating gothic revival phoenix.


Anonymous said...

Great article paul, but I think you missed the reptilian form poking its head out to the left of the picture, the desks configured to form a Star of David in the middle, and the obvious masonic symbolism throughout which can leave us in little doubt that the government did 7/7.

Also, I would like to draw your attention to a number of grammatical errors:

"The United States have one and therefore so should we." should read "The United States has one and therefore so should we".

"a certain doubt" is an oximoron.

"english" should read "English", although I understand this may be deliberate as use of the capital 'E' may signify fascistic tendencies.

Why can't we have jon dory back?

David said...

I think the owl maybe going a bit far....

paul said...

I think the owl maybe going a bit far....

That's certainly possible, but I do declare my ignorance at the start of the piece, unlike anon who reveals his through his every word.

paul said...

Great article paul, but I think you missed the reptilian form poking its head out to the left of the picture,

I see gargoyles, perhaps griffins, which are not reptilian, but are typical of gothic architecture.

the desks configured to form a Star of David in the middle,

I don't see this at all

and the obvious masonic symbolism throughout

such as?

which can leave us in little doubt that the government did 7/7.

I would not be able to draw that conclusion from this picture

The united states - a plural, therefore perfectly adequately conjugated
it has
they have

capitalising the english 'E' is pretty much a matter of taste

"a certain doubt" is an oximoron.

Words in english can have many shades of meaning, which is one of the delights of the language.

'Certain' in this case is a synonym for particular.

If you insist on inferring a particular meaning, that of 'definitely known', it still makes sense.

Oxymoron, as it is correctly spelt, is a recognised rhetorical device.
You are confusing it with contradiction.
If you ever learn to read, you will understand it is the presence of doubt that is certain.

If your ambition is to be a pedant, you should really try and learn about things first.

Anonymous said...

Paul, congratulations for declaring your ignorance! It would assist your readers greatly if you were to inform them of your ignorance at the start of every 'piece', rather than leaving them to come to the same conclusion after each excruciating reading.

Because you didn't get it the first time, I'll disembellish my accusation for you (are you American?): You are reading too much into the photographs, paul. Is that understood?

This 'piece' reminded me of our dear (and sadly missed) friend Ant, who once delighted readers with his colourful and imaginative renditions of the 'official' 7/7 narrative, gleaned entirely from drooling over a few photographs.

It is inadvisable to pore over photographs for long periods of time without taking regular breaks. Failure to do so can cause the viewer to lose judgment, experience hallucinations, and leap to irrational conclusions. Delusional behaviour of this kind has been regularly observed in members of the 9/11 truth cult.

P.S. I'm no pedant, I just thought you might need the help. Here's more:

'United States' is singular in this sentence. The states are united and therefore a single entity (e.g. "There IS a lot of lunatics in the Conspiraloon Alliance"). The proper noun 'United States', which is a political entity, is treated as singular (e.g. "The United States is going to attack itself").

This also highlights the importance of using capital letters where appropriate, because 'United States' and 'united states' mean two different things.

The phrase "a certain doubt" is an oxymoron. A doubt cannot be certain, it is an uncertainty. You said "a certain doubt [...] should be entertained", which is very different to "it is the presence of doubt that is certain". Read your own 'piece' paul, and leave the rhetorical devices to those who know what they are.

O.E.D.: 'Oxymoron' n. - a figure of speech or expressed idea in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction.

"english" should read "English", "paul" should read "Paul".


I must admit I'm a little concerned that you are no longer censoring my comments. I was thrilled that my comments presented such a threat to your version of the Truth™ that they had to be removed from public view. It made me feel like a lone truther taking on the fascist state with the power of words alone!

Doktor Harry O'Lara said...

Yeah! What that clever anonymous genius said.

I'd definitely pay £3.50 triennially to read more of the same.

Jammie Dodger said...

All earthmen to have MI5 handler wives/girlfriends by 2012.

paul said...

Poring over someone's sentences in order to discredit them is pedantry in its lowest form.

If you don't like how I express myself, big deal.

As for ignorance, socrates said awareness of this was the beginning of knowledge.

As for reading too much into photographs, the study of symbolic communication (semiotics) is an established academic discipline. Who is to determine the correct limits of speculation?

And this from someone who sees cults where there are none.

As for censorship, the alliance believes in only one race, the human, and finds joy in its diversity.

We wish people to commune through love of each other, so you must understand we have no time for divisive abuse along confessional lines.

I think you'd be much happier at somewhere like stormfront, as they share your unfocused distaste for the chosen people, and is far more fertile ground for the grammarian manqué in you.

Avid Reader said...

haven't seen anything here for a while, are you winding this blog up? I thought that was anon's job.

Cullbot said...

How about now?

paul said...

Thank you for your concern, avid reader,everyone's just a bit busy elsewhere now.
The bumptious anon couldn't wind up an alarm clock.

Anonymous said...

Bumptious? If you want bumptiousness paul, try taking issue with a certified loon over 7/7. Or try reading this blog back in its heyday, with jon dory at the helm.

paul said...

Because of my gentle nature, I don't court bumptiousness.
How would I know if a loon is certified? Is there some authority in charge of this?
I've always found jon very reasonable, even when I might disagree.

Antipholus Papps said...

But surely the UK already has a supreme court called the House of Lords? (See the owl's head and eye of Horus clear as day though.) :)

LoonWatch™ Update said...

Dying out.


Great day to bury bad news though! said...

The original and best. Accept no prostitute.

right wing muppet said...

Great day to bury bad news though!