Sunday, 2 August 2009

Watching Over Us

While having little knowledge of the esoteric, it's hard to escape the overwhelming creepiness of our United Kingdom Supreme Court.
Even I can discern a big friendly owl's head top right and the eye of providence at its heart. Though it may be the camera angle...

....but probably not.
The Court symbol is built around Omega, finality, the end.

But the end of what?

Does the ascendancy of the english rose over the wilting leek and thistle mean anything? Or are they just bound to each other forever? Certainly some see the court as a challenge to Scots law, even in its debased post Dunblane and Lockerbie form.

I fully understand the need for a supreme court. The United States have one and therefore so should we. (Though it does have heavily caveated written constitution as a perspective frame). However, as a creature of the serially useless Lord Falconer, a certain doubt over the true purpose and implications should be entertained.

I eagerly await the excellent attentions of the Vigilant Citizen on the formal aspects of this fascinating gothic revival phoenix.