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Open to Interpretation

Cars and girls - or is Jeremy speaking in deadly code?

A fascinating insight into the terror busting tactics of our military intelligence community. The Telegraph reports on the typically vindictive extradition proceedings of some students:

A Muslim terrorist suspect sent coded emails to an al-Qaeda commander in which references to his impending marriage were in fact details of a planned bomb attack in Britain, MI5 has claimed!

The people involved were the suspects in the 'Easter Bomb' plot. This plot was perhaps hastily named, as there were no bombs, nothing happened at Easter and no charges were brought.
Some have speculated it might even have been a distraction from rather bad publicity elsewhere.
MI5 believed that girls’ names were used to refer to chemicals and that talk of a “wedding” was actually a reference to the bombing itself. In one of the messages, allegedly sent to an al-Qaeda commander in Pakistan, the student, alleged to have been the leader of the cell, wrote that he planned to get married in 12 to 17 days. That caused alarm among the security services who feared an attack was imminent.....
....police had traced a young woman who confirmed they were in a relationship and considering marriage.

The men were all denied bail yesterday pending a full hearing in March or April next year.

Perhaps the strain of monitoring the thousands of suspects our security services allege is beginning to tell.

If you can convince yourself that someone who talks about a wedding, when actually in a relationship, is plotting a suicide bomb attack but has no actual plan or explosives, you should maybe take a little time off.

People outside the security services who claim to see plots everywhere tend to get very short shrift these days.

Winter Patriot's handy compilation of the rather quiet reporting on this non plot is available here.

aangirfan shows us The Telegraph's online translation service. As they used to say on saturday afternoons, here are the results:
I saw a slight glimpse of Chemical (possibly h2o2) day before yesterday but Chemical (possibly h2o2) was of insufficient chemical strength.

Chemical (possibly h2o2) is more gorgeous than Chemical (possibly h2o2) at the moment and Chemical (possibly h2o2) is of sufficient chemical strength….Chemical (possibly h2o2) is of sufficient chemical strength Chemical (possibly h2o2) and it wont take long to attack.

Hmm tell me that how is ur sweety Chemical (possibly h2o2) I miss Chemical (possibly h2o2) a lot

About my Chemical (possibly h2o2). As I told you about Chemical (possibly h2o2)’s affair. Chemical (possibly h2o2) is still waiting for my response. Chemical (possibly h2o2) is of sufficient chemical strength and Chemical (possibly h2o2) is of insufficient chemical strength. You know Chemical (possibly h2o2) and Chemical (possibly h2o2). WOW man. I would love to get them in my friends list but you know I have been thinking about chemical strength. Chemical (possibly h2o2) sounds ok but Chemical (possibly h2o2) is found [sic] of money. Chemical (possibly h2o2) is some times of insufficient chemical strength. Chemical (possibly h2o2) of insufficient chemical strength.

I am still keeping my possible car bomb because most of the jobs they ask for it and other reason is you know Chemical (possibly h2o2)s mostly like guys with possible car bomb.

hmmmm so u have a lot of Chemical (possibly h2o2) friendsss me also like Chemical (possibly h2o2)sssss pay my salam [greetings] for ur Chemical (possibly h2o2)s friend ok

when ever u will attack soo plz first see ur Chemical (possibly h2o2) friend how is Chemical (possibly h2o2)…is Chemical (possibly h2o2) of sufficient chemical strength [because] we attack in life on [only] one time

You know what Chemical (possibly h2o2)s are like. I am bore of being bachelor now LOL [laughs out loud] so I would try to make it happen in the near future. I will be careful about my choice because your whole family life depends upon the decision.

I met with Chemical (possibly h2o2) family and we both parties have agreed to conduct the nikah [attack] after 15th and before 20th of this month.

I am delighted that they have strong family values and we will have many guests attending the attack. Anyways I wished you could be here as well to enjoy the attack.
If that's not a clear cut example of a detailed plan of impending and unimaginable carnage then I, as Richard Dawkins might say, am a monkey's uncle.

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