Sunday, 15 March 2009

The New Enclosure

In a groundbreaking, paradigm smashing collaboration with the Berlin Tourist Authority, The Alliance is proud to bring you a handy, multi-lingual guide the global crunchtastrophe.

Please download and read carefully if you wish a true understanding of the complex world of financial domination.

It really is that simple.

The only difference the Alliance would have with our more optimistic deutsche Verschwörungtheoretikerbrüder und schwestern is that there is no easy way to avoid this process.

For those who prefer a less metaphorical guide to worldly affairs, Michel Chussodovsky lays out the plan in all its devilish simplicity. Donald Hunt and Simon Davies do an excellent job of identifying the work in progress, and David Harvey points out that while credit is scarce, wealth is at a loss with what do with it's surplus, other than take over the entire world.

In short, the controlled debtonation of the global economy has begun, and we must prepare for a slight change of circumstances. This will involve sharing the benefits of a low impact lifestyle, as found in the third world, amongst all capital's livestock.

As we are constantly told, la crisis, as they refer to it in spain, will require sacrifice. Though people may well be surprised on discovering it is human sacrifice that is demanded.

The Banker Constrictor - proof that serpents do not eat their own tail

If the whole thing was not so gruesome and tragic, you could almost admire its dreadful symmetry. Our widely televised in-house poet laureate captures these mixed feelings perfectly:

If you can keep your capital and property,
When all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
Yours is the Earth and everything in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a fascist my son.


jon doy said...

WHY have you airbrushed the legs off of that reptilian shapeshifter, hmm ?

paul said...

to pull in the icke demographic we crave

Ancient Wisdom said...

Man fears that which he does not understand, therefore his greatest fear is himself.

If one wishes to understand himself, one must understand who and what one is.

All ancient text gives clues, however the greatest source comes from The Law of One and other related material.

I spent many, many hours studying these materials before placing their links on my Ancient Wisdom page (link above) for serious scholars of such knowledge to consider.

paul said...

It worked!

jon doy said...

yay !

so much time wasted on fearing and not knowing myself, but not any longer thanks to Ancient Wisdom

now, if there's anything that'll save our futures, it's surely introspection and retrospection

paul said...

In my case, the greatest fear is of other men. I understand that I am fucking brilliant.

The Antagonist said...

Speaking of human sacrifice, the proponent of that lovely, cuddly, friendly and fluffy sounding self-regulating Gaian planet hypothesis, James Lovelock, was recently on the radiogram pretending to be a romantic scientist.

The friendly and fluffy Gaian thinker has it that:

"things are likely to be exceedingly bad this century, that most of us will die before our time and there may be only a billion left at the end of the century, possibly even less than that."

Thanks to the IPCC for their underestimation in the junk science predictions that prefaced Lovelock's optimistic vision of the future.

Lovelock continued:

"The lovely thing about being a scientist, you don't have to be certain certain about anything, in fact you mustn't be certain about anything - all theories are eventually superceded no matter how good you think they are at the time."


paul said...

I'm haunted by the suspicion that Lovelock doesn't actually like people that much.
He's quite mysty eyed about the blitz spirit. i.e a command economy amongst carnage.
Gaia theory does not seem to contain any critique of rather destabilising sub sectors of the malignant neoplasm known as human beings, such as predatory, imperialist capitalism.

The Antagonist said...

I think your suspicions may be correct.

In the very same radiogram production Lovelock noted how, when confronted with the death of a million people in some far off land as a result of one disaster or another, people care less than when a pet dies.

He also suggested that, when thinking about the potential deaths of 5 billion people, one shouldn't view it as a typical mathematician's sloping graph thing, but more as if humanity were to fall off the side of a mountain.

As it was a radiogram production it was impossible to determine whether Lovelock was afflicted with any Strangelovian reflex actions.

Tom said...

In a newspaper interview just over a week ago, now tragically binned, the Gaia guy said that climate change shenanigans were not worth taking seriously, (but only because the doom is already in the post and puny man cannot avert it) and that he sometimes works for MI5.

The Antagonist said...

James Lovelock on the deaths of 5 billion, possibly more, courtesy of the BBC World (dis)Service.

The Antagonist said...

@Tom - thanks for the SourceWatch link, most interesting indeed.

stef from south island said...

The editorial team over at Rolling Stone join the (increasingly) massed ranks of Conspiraloonery...

The Big Takeover -
The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution

stef from south island said...

have you ever turned up to a party really, really early and started worrying that you'd either got the date wrong or that no-one else was going to turn up and that it was going to be really, really lame?

...but then, one by one, people do start arriving and then you thought that it might be OK after all

Daffyd Chayler said...

Did someone say party?

I've made you all Sticks to Hold Your Spiral Ons!

jon doy said...

it looks like a lollipop that got wedged behind a sofa cushion

what does it do ?

Daffyd Chayler said...

It's sending you positive energy!

Can't you feel it?

jon doy said...


and get your hand off my knee

Mary Magdaloon said...

Daffy my love

The world is at peril, the darkness is looming but you are the light, shining bright, the saviour of mankind.

Oh beloved, make me a spiral that I may put it on my stick. Make a spiral for the world. Put it on a stick that reaches up to the heavens and let the sparkly bits radiate love and peace to all that walk beneath.

The universe is about to change shape and a new age will dawn. Your gifts are for now until the end of this age so be wise, use them well. Use your magic pee-pee, for it will not last forever. Your strength is in your pee-pee. It will lift you up so that you may stand upon a rock and face your adversary. But time is short and it will soon come that the devil Ian R Crane will hand you over to be crucified. Do not be dismayed for this must happen to fulfil the works of God in the salvation of all mankind.

My beloved, hear these words for they are truth.