Thursday, 2 October 2008

French build burial chamber for global Capitalism

As the United Mistakes of America has a mass-debate about whether to give $700 billion to the financial crooks that, in Wall Street speak, "fucked everything up," and while working class men on the street suggest that a far more successful way of kick-starting the economy would be to take that same amount of money and divvy it up between 300 or so million Americans, those cheeky little monkeys over in Red, White and Blue Franceville have decided to cut the crap and build a giant burial chamber for international global capitalism.

True to the one true way of deploying fruity symbolism the new Franco-Nazi tomb for global capitalism borrows heavily from the design of tombs for Egyptian pharoahs that would later manifest themselves on the one true one dollar bill.


paul said...

'The Witches Hat' - what a wonderful name for it

Stef said...

J'ai Le Horn

The Antagonist said...

Who wouldn't have?

Still, don't worry about how fucked everything is, or how many desperately cling to the rigged value of shiny metals of no innate value at all, join Michael Moore's Slacker Revolution.

The Antagonist said...

Maybe this post wasn't far off the mark... Today the FT runs with:

Undertakers deliver last rites for US capitalism
By Krishna Guha in Washington
Published: October 14 2008 21:59

The Cash Room of the US Treasury, with its marbled walls, faux columns and giant chandeliers, was an oddly appropriate place to bury free market capitalism.