Friday, 25 April 2008

I don't believe in that boogeyman shit

Self-hating, racist, neo nazi ConspiraBrotha Mos Def speaks out against everything he secretly stands for but only talks about in hidden online forums...

It's 'high levels of paranoia and mistrust' like this which get in the way of Real™ Democracy, Real™ Inactivism and Real™ Empowerment



Stef said...

PS Bill Mather is a cunt

Not because of his views on 9/11

He just is

jon doy said...


Mos Def talks sense, and if you've heard his stuff, he's a proper Conspiraloon Brother - check his track New World Water some time

i knew we'd forgotten to bring one of our TRUE beliefs out from the private nazi apologism thread - Big Foot !

well reminded there, Mos

paul said...

But where does stand on the long dead but still controversial Adolf Hitler?

The Antagonist said...

Stef said...

PS Bill Mather is a cunt

That is an undisputed FACT™.

Pirate HipHop YoHoHo said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the genius who has given me the opportunity to 'nail a nobody'.

I'm working through my list now and am thrilled that I can 'nail a nobody' and destroy a life without even having to use my real name.

Stef said...

I've been using Nail a Nobody™ Online all afternoon and amazed by its results!!

I feel like a New Man

Why go to all the bother of visiting your local blockleiter when you can denounce all your neighbours wirelessly from the comfort of your own front room!

Thank you Nail a Nobody™

Mental Disorder Watch said...

What is this, fucking bi-polar month at Blairwitchunt?

On the Blairwitch front page they have a go at conspiracy theorists in one post, bang on about conspiracy trials in the next. Then they have a go at conspiracy theorists in another post, bang on about Iranian 911 conspiracies in the next.

Stef said...


We may be small in number

We may be mental

But the world plays to our tune

I've the seen the future

And it's Loon!!

Stef said...

oooh, that almost rhymes

We'll keep on fighting - and we'll win!

paul said...

They may take away or liberties, livelihoods and even our very lives,
but they can never take away our laughter.
Except when we're dead, I suppose

Stef said...

I suppose so too

but in the meantime it's nice to know that we're providing some poor fellow travelers with a reason for existence