Thursday, 14 February 2008

Our Future's So Bright We've Got To Wear Shades



paul said...

Almost the perfect film, apart from the interminable street fight,
The directors commentary with carpenter and roddy piper is a good one

Ray Nelson, who wrote the original, has almost the perfect short story here

Stef said...


but carpenter's habit of coming up with a really interesting idea, making 75% of a really interesting movie and then fluffing it does get on my tits a little...

paul said...

Fuck me he made assault on precinct 13, dark star, and the the thing (you should read read 'who goes there', the original text, to see how faithfully and beautifully he recreated it) and reinvented music along the way (see afrika bambatta) so I'm more than happy to give him a pass.
Him and george romero, they're (some of) the men.

Stef said...

indeed, three of my faviest flicks

Escape from New York is also not without its attractions

the young JC did paranoia very well

the man's a hero

but none of the film's on our combined list is less than 20 years old

paul said...

I agree, but it's still 4 or 5 great films more than most. they live was really his swansong
online version of who goes there