Saturday, 15 December 2007

How Stonehenge was built NOT!!

I don't know who this guy thinks he is but he's a LIAR!! I tell you


Stone Circles were BUILT BY FUCKING ALIENS and anyone who tells you otherwise is working for them

Also note that this Stone Circle fakery takes place in Flint, Michigan; the spawning place of that notorious Untruth-herder MICHAEL MOORE...

Is there a connection?

Is the Pope a Catholic?



middle england supremacist said...

Everybody knows Stonehenge is proof that Jesus invented cricket. And there was a hosepipe ban on at the time so he couldn't have done it like that.

paul said...

I've always seen the georgia stones as pure truth™honey, these opaque structures offer a lifetime of fun filled conjecture for the conspiracy minded.

Stef said...

mmmmust decipher significance of guide stones

mmmmust decipher significance of guide stones...

paul said...

<start loop>
new world order
vote ron paul
<repeat loop/>