Friday, 14 December 2007

Conspiraloon™ Alliance: It's a ConspiraTee™ Shirt

Conspiraloon™ Alliance: It's a ConspiraTee™ Shirt

Special end times edition.
Order now, before the world ends.


paul said...

I'd buy that for a dollar, if I could be bothered.

paul said...

If I could be bothered, can you deliver before endtime?
<returns to selling all worldly possessions to that nice mr travesser>

jon doy said...

congrats on the fantastic use of colours, Ant, the voices in my head are telling me the universe is pleased with your rainbow of words and have rewarded me for looking at them by making the angry man move out from underneath my bed the entire next week !

oh, yes, and i really, really want one of those t-shirts

The Antagonist said...

They are of course printed on high-quality, 100% cotton, Fruit of the Loon™ ConspiraTee™ shirts.