Saturday, 27 October 2007

Conspiraloon™ Weekend Telescreen Special

ENDGAME - ALEX JONES - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Bilderbergers, Banking Elites,
Rockefellers, Rothschilds,
global scamming warming
climate change
and MORE!!!

- Now with marginally fewer dead-ends than ever before!!! -


jon doy said...

OMG ‼ Δlεx jøne§' crystal clear vision for the future has done us proud

i had to stay up all night watching it over and over and over again...

with an intro like this: "countless people will hate the NWO, and millions will die protesting it" - you just know you're getting the info you need from someone whose motives are for the freedom and enlightenment of the enemy, oops, i mean us sleeple

but never mind the self damnation of the message repeated ad nauseum by captain panic™, i have far more damning material...looking at the same uplifting message over and over again i got a good idea of the compression rate, and i would hazard a guess that the full movie is 322mb in size

assuredly, that's proof, proof more solid than the man's own message, proof that he works for chapter 322, his own attempts to be buzzkiller totallenblitzkriegmeister on the other hand are simply his way of waking you up and should be taken as intended, someone i know once asked aj why the fear factor in all his merry works, aj is on record as saying words to the effect of "i just shoot from the hip"... yeah ? well we don't don't what's firing out of your hip region thanks, it's sticky, messy, and frankly upsetting

fuck all that aj nonsense:

"around one million people comprise the nwo, and countless conspiraloons™ will thrive defeating them...we WILL keep on fighting, and WE will WIN ‼"

but then i would say all these things, because i am a shill™, and this is a shill™ site™

paul said...

While impressed by his breezy way with history and talent for collage found here, I wish he'd turn his attention this

bunch, genesis communications

Weirder than anything in his latest video, 'Bellend'

Alex Jones:
We are not going to be your slaves, new world order!!
NWO: You already fucking are, now get back to work, fatso

paul said...

The weirdness goes off the scale

The story is set 300 years in the future in a vaguely Orwellian world. Earth's name has been changed to Planet Mall. As the name would suggest, mainstream commercial conformity reigns. Everywhere on the planet, people watch the same movies, listen to computer-generated music, wear the same clothes and hold the same thoughts and opinions. Musical instruments and composers are forbidden, and rock music is all but unknown. Representative government has been eliminated. All are controlled by the Worldwide mega-corporation Globalsoft, which is headed by the "Killer Queen" and the commander of her secret police, Khashoggi. Those who stand against Globalsoft's enforced conformity are kidnapped and "brain stormed" into submission.

However, a small group of "Bohemians" struggle to restore the free exchange of thought, fashion, and (most of all) live music.!!....Galileo joins with the Bohemians to find the guitar, and overthrow Globalsoft. However, when the Bohemians are captured and brain stormed, Galileo and Scaramouche are forced to flee for their lives!!!

ciapedia link

All rather reminiscent of this from 1976 by randian nuts rush

2112, a series of interrelated tunes that paint a portrait of a 1984/Brave New World-style future, where music and emotion are outlawed!!
Ultimately, our hero discovers a guitar and uses it to fight the powers that be!!

reverend al stewart said...

Good footage of limo-badgering and the ruling echelons sneering at our hero.

I wanted more coverage of spider-goats(TM) being yelled at, but you can't have everything. Top marks Mr. Jones, you always like to grapple with the really meaty issues.

jon doy said...

I wanted more coverage of spider-goats(TM) being yelled at, but you can't have everything.

i'm pretty sure there's a video of that on infowars somewhere, it's very comprehensive, whilst there i recommend looking at the bellowing at kittens and moaning at mailboxes videos

Daffyd Chayler said...

Melon is an anagram of lemon.

Think about it.

Annie Mation said...

My fave is the 4-hour special "hollering at Hispanics", it turns out at the end the answer is 1492.

Daley Machon said...

It's pronounced Mash-on.

Stef said...

Now with marginally fewer dead-ends than ever before!!!

nice tagline...

Stef said...

Now with marginally fewer dead-ends than ever before!!!

+ some great new ones

It's the Fucking Chinese!! it's the Fucking Chinese!!

The Antagonist said...

Now with marginally fewer dead-ends than ever before!!!

nice tagline...

It might be nice, but it ain't really saying a whole lot.