Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Checker Chariots of the Gods, the 9/11 Pyllarmids AND the 9/11 Stargate Ritual

Remember this?

Just like Jiminy Cricket, there's more Synchromysticism (the art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance) and it's right here.

Includes the world famous line, "And now things get a little weird" when there's still 5m50s to go. Nearly six minutes of things classified as a "a little weird". Now with added use of the world Conspiraloon™!


paul said...

I really enjoyed that

The Antagonist said...

Difficult not to really.

And that is how the plod got chequerboard stripes on their uniforms.

Stef said...

I really enjoyed that

So did I

Conspiraloon power!!

/ strikes hard to describe pose

/ makes even harder to describe hand gesture above head

jon doy said...


that was just superb, but it raises an important question...if gangs of masons are out in the middle of the night with planks of wood with a length of string tied at both ends, laser measures, gps units, annotated crop circle schematics and latex 'grey' masks, running around faking these "signs" in order to conjure some bullshit higher power that they believe exists when in fact it's simply their covert influence which garners their 'powers' then just who is it that is making these intricate vomit circles often found here in the south west in the morning ? and in the form of complex geodesic fractals no less !