Thursday, 23 August 2007

John Pilger: The NonConspiroWorld™ Conspiraloon™

Arrogance, relentlessness, inability to answer questions, fondness for certain stock phrases, inability to employ or understand Occam's Razor, inability to tell good evidence from bad, inability to withdraw, leaping to conclusions, using previous conspiracies as evidence to support their claims, and, it's always a conspiracy.

Pilger's new documentary, The War on Democracy, has all of this, and more!

But remember, this sort of Conspiraloonery™ only happens in non-English speaking countries.


Stef said...

Now that's what I call Factual™ entertainment

and phew! isn't it a good job that something as fundamental as our water supply isn't under the control of rapacious, unaccountable multinationals like those dumb gauchos over the pond

The Antagonist said...

Fantastic job indeed that self-interested parasites haven't been positively encouraged to hijack our Critical National Infrastructure and then go on to hold essential survival basics such as water, food and shelter hostage from the greater mass of humanity in a seamless merging of state and corporate power.

Bloody fantastic job it hasn't happened because, if it did, we'd be living under fascism.

jon doy said...

i too would like to express my thanks and gratitude that fascism only happens abroad, and equally, i'd like to express my gratitude to south west water and the government for not only 'accidentally' allowing fluoride to get into my drinking water, but also for making it absofuckinglutely undrinkable due to having the delightful aroma of bleachy poo

if i had my way you corporatist scum would have to drink your own water (something i just know you don't do) :middle finger: