Friday, 24 August 2007

Aaron Russo Commemorative Post

Aaron Russo...

Alive - 23rd August 2007

Not Alive - 24th August 2007

The World of Conspiraloonery is just that little bit poorer tonight, unlike the Federal Reserve



jon doy said...

Rest in Peace Aaron

a conspiracy theorist might be suspicious that as soon as a mover and shaker emerges as telling things like they're not meant to be told, they contract cancer - i have to say that i'm one of them

to save conspiraloons™ the terrorschtorm of prison planet, here's the full Russo interview on googlevideo

also, here's Bill Hicks' final interview, boy did he see things as they are, like many, i'd love to have been able to get Hicks' take on the 'post 911 world'

Anonymous said...

Amerika ist Wunderbar

The Antagonist said...

Land of the FREE!

Land of the BRAVE!

Land of the REMEDIAL!

The last of these being hardly surprising given the intellectual and philosophical standards set by Primate Bush.

paul said...

A tax avoider (according to the ciapedia) who fearlessly railed against taxation, a hero for our times.