Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The scoup on the fascist Whitehouse coup

Those dedicated and unrepentant Conspiraloons at the good old State Broadcasting Corporation have done themselves proud with some Conspiraloonery of the highest order.

The award-winning investigative series returns, in which Mike Thomson takes a document as a starting-point to shed new light on past events.

Latest: The Whitehouse coup

food and water supplies cut by Al Gore's new
restorative justice programme:
Starve and Impoverish the Ruling Classes (SIRC)

Document uncovers details of a planned coup in 1933 by right-wing American businessmen aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans.
The coup -- the attempt that's known about -- failed and half-a-million war veterans got fuck all in the way of pensions.

Listen to this Conspiraloonery of the highest order here.

Luckily, as with the entire continent of South America, and North America, just about every country in Europe and a few others for good measure (add your own favourites in the comments) this sort of right-wing evil doesn't happen any more and the nasty right-wing businessmen types have all had spiritual awakenings and gone off to work in advertising and marketing after repenting live on all terrestrial, digital and satellite TV and radio stations for 33 days straight. Even Iraq is free from evil businessmen looking for ever more profit now that it's been liberated by Halliburton America Carlyle Inc. and blessed with good old, god-fearing, red, white and blue FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY in the form of a FREE AMERIKKKAN military base in every back yard.

What the BBC shills and liars don't tell you in their exclusive Conspiraloonery, in a clever reversal of the TRUE FACTS, is that 'businessmen' and 'fascists' is just a shill cover for alien-human hybrid lizard shapeshifters.

Or maybe it's the other way round, I can never remember....


paul said...

Remember, these things happened in the past, which is a completely different time from now. Bad, upsetting things happen there so I commend you (like the great Charles Clarke) to focus firmly on the here and now, where the news is always good. Also ignore the future, as I hear that's awful.

Incidentally, are this bunch on your case? They seem to be calling all and sundry 'cults', which seems a bit unfair.

jon doy said...
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jon doy said...

of course, the bbc conspiraloonery pales into utter insignificance when compared to the fiendish™ plot to install GOATSE® in the white house (warning - offensive material !!!):

jon doy said...

note also, the numerous references to the GOATSE-ING of CNN being FAKE™ in the comments section !!!

Stef said...

Why no mention of Molloch?

/ frankly disappointed

jon doy said...

Stef: you need to right click and 'select all' the text in order to view the secret hidden messages which are blacked out, there's a whole missive on big concrete owls running in parallel to the 'official' story !