Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Clockwork Orange movie review - Conspiracy Lite version


The Antagonist said...

That man's a self-hating Conspiraloon™ if ever I saw one.

Stef said...

They're the worst kind

paul said...

Could we start a campaign to get the police beat out a retraction of his retraction?
I see all the hamburglar posters have gone, did the maitresse of misfortune 's nemesis get lifted while I was away?

The Antagonist said...

In all likelihood, he'll confess after having fallen down the stairs.

No matter though, it sounds like a great reason to have a NEW™ (AND/OR?) IMPROVED™ BLOG™ BUTTON™ of some description.


Stef said...

The new version of that Zeitgeist movie is now up

I've watched the first 1/2 hour so far and the makers appears to have corrected some of the errors/ omissions present in the rough cut

FWIW my opinion is that the factual information is good but some of the conclusions woven around it are not so sound. Whatever, the factual information in the first part is enough to give literalist Christians a fair old headache

Stef said...

My biggest issue is with the claim made by the film that monotheistic religion and the mindset it encourages has been the driving force for getting on for most of the evil in the world over the last 2,000 years


what? the romans were all fluffy and non-authoritarian before their conversion to monotheism?

utter, utter arse

and the claim that christianity has always encouraged people to blame God for everything and not take responsibility for their actions?

maybe the fucked up version of fundamentalist christianity that has infected the US but christianity was originally all about being held accountable for your choices in life - it's the pagan religions that believed everything that happened was the will of the gods, right down to the throw of a die

sure religion has been subverted for evil ends, but so has environmentalism, humanism, marxism and lots of other initially well-intentioned isms I could name

the payload of this film is that religion, not theft, is driving the bad things that are happening in the world. In that respect it's no different to what the neocons are claiming

I can understand why people will like this movie and I'd recommend it to others but only with the caveat that its conclusion is distractive bullshit

The Antagonist said...

Never mind all that reasoned analysis nonsense, what about the 9/11 Stargate?

Stef said...

fuck me that's AWESOME!!


***** out of ****

an instant fave

and the guy's accent is just perfect for the material

I have to make myself a cup of camomile tea and have a lie down now

no, this really needs a post of its own first...

where'sthejustice said...

All power to the blog button - 6 MONTHS FOR FJL

Blogger buttons all powerful

paul said...

Probably most of that is for skipping the court appearance

where'sthejustice said...

A 'vicious vitriolic and vindictive' campaign against a victim.

"Mr Read told Lowde: "The offences, I would say, are at the very top end to be taken in a prosecution of harassment and therefore have to be dealt with at the top end of my powers."
He added that he felt his powers were not adequate to deal with Lowde."

Emails and blogs are dangerous weapons

paul said...

Emails and blogs are dangerous weapons
As are films, soft drugs, computer games, porn, telephones, fatty foods, 'the feral media' and colour television

jon ronson said...

Will someone please tell me that I'm not a SHILL or STUPID, it's been nearly a week since the last time and I'm starting to have those nagging self-doubts that make me whine in my whiniest oop north accent.



paul said...

I don't think you're a shill, stupid or from up north

Stef said...

but you did still made a tit of yourself getting your facts wrong about 7/7 on the radio whilst slagging off conspiracy theorists who have actually researched what they're talking about


Stef said...

Anyway, FJL's in stir and Blair's out of office. It's a bright new dawn and everything is going to turn out just fucking peachy...

jon ronson said...

but you did still made a tit of yourself getting your facts wrong about 7/7 on the radio

I'm a famous and well respected journalist, just like George Monbiot, so I can say and do what I like without reproach.

Ner ner ne ner ner.

Anyway, what do facts matter when making a comedy programme about something trivial like the London bombings.

Daffyd Chayler said...

Jon R (not D, he's great)

Jon, you are ignorant, perhaps so much so that you don't realise that you're a shill™?

I may be a 'useless eater', ut at the very least you're a uselful idiot.

And besides, aliens made me this way so I look like a coffee gulping burger addict - what's your excuse?